Sandblast2003 was a sandblasting of note. On one hand, we had the South Easter klapping the dune to smithereens. On the other, we had the legendary Kommetjie sandboarding posse busting the hardest airs of the season. I got to the dune and realised I'd be better off behind the camera on a day like this. Slack slalom conditions still produced fast times. Drag was blistering. And big air kicked up the most sand I've seen in a while. First up, Dual Slalom. Eight gates, running down the sheltered part of the dune which sadly meant gentler gradient, slower course. That didn't stop Brad though, a previous comp winner who wasn't gonna let anything beat him. Rising up through the ranks in the event was Peter Lambert a sandboarding newcomer. He's the danger man you want to keep your eye on in the future. Chris pulled in third with Enrico, Tynan and Gino split-seconds behind. Next up: Drag. The Ladies event flew by faster than anyone could say "where's my wax, Stuart?" Gavin on a Sidewinder took Open Drag honours in a race that looked even faster. So, moving quickly on to a final that almost needed a photo finish for Chris, Enrico, Brad and Stuart.

Eventually, after having our sandy scalps tantalised with some aerial demos in the early practise session, we got to Big Air. While crazy-man Rhyan technically won the event, the day really belonged to the all-out style of the Kommetjie guys.

Zac, Stefan, Dev. Three guys busting moves like gravity didn't exist. The rest of the riders pushed limits but Kom's 360s, Switch 180 grabs and flawless Methods made them a tough act to follow. Enrico and Peter were the only other riders to make it into the top six.

The junior freestyle concluded what turned out to be an epic day on the dune. Top slot went to Tynan riding Dunebeam followed by Sean and Gerrard. Smiles, sprains and sand enemas all round we left competition for another day and headed home. - Livio

The results were as follows :

Slalom (1)Brad (2)Peter (3)Chris (4)Enrico (5)Tynan (6)Gino

Big Air (1)Rhyan (2)Zac (3)Stefan (4)Devereux (5)Peter (6)Enrico

Biggest Air of the Day - Devereux

Drag Race (1)Chris (2)Enrico (3)Brad (4)Stuart

Junior Freestyle (1)Tynan (2)Sean (3)Gerrard

Tegan won the Ladies race, and Gavin won the Open race

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Thanks to : Christine, Tegan, Myron, Stuart, Jacques, Judy, Manfred, Dyllan, Livio, Gavin, Isaak