J-Bay Sandboarding Challenge

The roadtrip to Jeffreys Bay culminated in a great comp where the Big Air and Extreme Air events were closely contested by the top riders who pulled a variety of tricks, any one of which could have won one of the smaller comps. Vince an Australian snowboarder pro had pushed the envelope and won the Slalom ahead of Clayton and Lee now found local riders pulling out all stops in the Big Air. Simphiwe and Rhyan did amazing things to garner first and second place respectively with Lee and the rest of the pilots close on their heels. Clayton and Martin fought out the battle for first and second place in the Extreme Air, an event that saw few takers. The results are as follows :

Slalom (1)Vince (2)Clayton (3)Lee (4)Martin (5)Ludi (6)Andrew (7)Marco (8)Tynan

Bordercross (1) Ludi (2) Marco (3) Rhyan (*)Dyllan Lee Andrew (*)Tynan Phil Martin Craig

Big Air (1)Simphiwe (2)Rhyan (3)Lee (4)Clayton (5)Vince (6)Martin

The only non-league events were the Open Drag Race and the Extreme Air. The Drag Race was won by Stuart [Team Hertz] with Tessa of the famous J-Bay Bredenkamp family clan, in second place.

The photo's in the left margin are of Rhyan, Lee and Clayton doing Big Air. The boarderX photos are of [1] Rhyan out front [2] Tynan out front [3] Winner Ludi and Martin back to back [4] The Final : Marco and Ludi pass ditched Rhyan [5] Luke and Ludi. Simphiwe the Big Air winner hereunder. Background is Vince's Big Air