National Sandboarding Comp 2005

The weatherman had the comp organisers stressed from Tuesday up until about 10h00 on Saturday, when the sun appeared magically and dried the early morning rain on the dune surface. The first rider at the dune was Andrew [ex East London] who waited patiently for everybody else to find their bearings and their boards. The first event was the Slalom, held on a steep section of the dune. Marco and Tynan were setting up amazing times, when Dave on his last run blasted his way into first place. Soon after this Vernon took the Drag race with brothers Livio and Enrico facing off for second place. Enrico beat his brother by a board width to claim second place. The BoarderX event took a suprising turn when Dave surged ahead of the other finalists to take first place with Nicky and Marco following closely. Dave's comment was that he had been waiting three years to beat the BoarderX supremo (Marco). Dave was also the overall winner of this comp, which came as no suprise seeing as the Sidewinder shaper was more focussed than we have ever seen him. Team Sidewinder was represented by Dave and Tynan, who missed their absent (overseas) team members Clayton, Chris and Danor. The SlopeStyle event was won by the Sidewinder supremo Dave, followed by Andrew and Enrico. The SlopeStyle course was designed by Enrico and consisted of three rails and three ramps, which made for interesting choices by the riders. The Big Air event brought proceedings to a close at the dune. Placings in this event were Liam, Dave and Kevin. The focus now switched to the prize giving at the house on the lake, where snowboard magazines were handed out followed by prizes and loose chit chat. The results are as follows :

Slalom (1)Dave (2)Tynan (3)Marco

Drag Race (1)Vernon (2)Enrico (3)Livio

BoarderX (1)Dave (2)Nicky (3)Marco (4)Peter

SlopeStyle (1)Dave (2)Andrew (3)Enrico

Big Air (1)Liam (2)Dave (3) Kevin

Thanks to the sponsors [Swatch, Hermanus Backpackers, Purerush Industries, Marco, Sidewinder, Fix-a-PC, Qtrax] and the judges. Thank you also to the photographers Tegan and Stuart. Another big thank you to Marco's crew for building the BoarderX course, and to Enrico for the multichoice SlopeStyle course.

The photo's in the left margin are of Devereux, Stefan, Tynan, Vernon, Andrew, Nicky, Enrico and Dave pulling tricks in Big Air, followed by Marco showing style on one of the rails. The bottom centre page pic is of Peter and Tynan going over a ramp in the BoarderX course, closely watched by Marco the course designer and sandboarding stalwart Derek of Aloe Adventures. The late entry photo at the bottom of the page is of Liam and the sponsors banners.

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