National Comp 27/112004

The first SA National Comp had five events contested by the top riders in the country. Organisers and riders who had never gone beyond three events found themselves pushed to to meet the time and physical constraints of a tough competition. At the end of the day all parties concerned showed their mettle and finished the comp in time to allow for a great prize giving and a memorable after party (and after - after parties). Sidewinder boards won all the events, in fact they took twelve of the top fifteen places. The results are as follows :

Slalom (1)Chris (2)Dave (3)Enrico (4)Clayton (5)Brad (6)Danor (7)Tynan (8)Marco (9)Peter (10)Devereux

FreeStyle (1)Clayton (2)Nicky (3)Dave (4)Peter (5)Enrico (6)Kelly (7)Tynan & Brad (9)Marco (10)Stefan

Big Air (1)Clayton (2)Dave (3)Danor (4)Ian (5)Devereux (6)Brad (7)Enrico (8)Marco (9)Tynan (10)Kelly

BorderX (1) Marco (2)Enrico (3)Clayton (4)Peter

Drag Race (1)Chris (2)Marco (3)Brad (4)Dave & Nicky (6)Dev & Peter & Clayton (9)Danor (10)Tynan

Thanks to the sponsors [SSA, Purerush, Fix-a-PC, Cradle Toys, SunScene] and officials especially Manfred and Judy who have been the mainstay of the CDBA judging team for as long as we have had well organised comps. Thanks to Marco for putting his hand deep in his pocket, Dave and Danor for the huge snowboarders ramp, and Enrico for two Freestyle courses. And thanks to Mariska, Paul, Delia, Myron and all the others who contributed effort, services, goods .....

The photo's in the left margin are Clayton, Prizegiving, Enrico, Snowboarder, Stefan, Tynan and Marco. The bottom centre page pic is of Nicky who won the Blunt Full Throttle award

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