Oyster Bay Air and Style Jam

Oyster Bay has an amazing dune setup with the central feature being the amphitheatre styled dune which ringed the comp. The inside seaward extent of the dune has a very steep gradient which facilitates huge jumps off the ramps. The vert drop turned the normal 2-6 metre jumps to 4-10 metre death defying leaps. Luckily the riders, who were all highly skilled, broke only boards and not limbs. Jenn the USA snowboard instructor showed her skill and bravery by taking on the sand maniacs at their own game and going big on the jumps. Markus [also USA] was lauded for his mid air commentary, which was a welcome diversion from the gale force winds sweeping the dunes. The FreeStyle course set up by Clayton comprised two professionaly contructed rails and two huge ramps, which were all daunting and certainly not for the feint hearted. Corrie a novice from Gauteng showed a lot of promise when confronted by the extreme nature of the course, others sat next to their boards resolving rather to enter the "next" competition. The "wipeout of the day" category went to Dave and Peter. Once again Sidewinder boards not only survived the extreme conditions but also took all first prizes. The results are as follows :

Slalom (1)Dave (2)Danor (3)Clayton (4)Peter (5)Tynan (6)Martin

FreeStyle (1)Clayton (2)Peter (3)Dave (4)Danor (5)Tynan (6)Martin

Big Air (1)Clayton (2)Danor (3)Peter (4)Martin/Wayne (5)Dave (6)Tynan/Markus/Corrie

The riders were judged by their peers in the Air and Style events. Lee, Ludi and Tinus used their air and riding experience to deliver a scoresheet that was both credible and popular, while Tegan took care of the Slalom timekeeping. A big "Thank You" is due to Naomi along with Clayton and Kim, who looked after the Cape riders and also rallied the sponsors. The sponsors of the comp were amongst others Ripcurl, Sidewinder Boards, Surfwearhouse, Qtrax, Fix-A-PC, Rip Curl , Alida van Rooyen, Milieu, Old Mutual, Auto Tech, Michiel Strydom, Niqua Juices, BP [P Marx], Aloe Afrika, Santam, Hurdy Gurdy's, PG Glass, Momentum Life and Sandboarding.co.za .

The photo's in the left margin are of Danor, Jenn, Clayton, Martin, Dave, Peter, Tynan, and Wayne doing Big Air. The last photo is of Corrie coming off the first FreeStyle rail and heading for the extreme ramp. The bottom centre page pic is of the Slalom event