QuickSand2004 started off with a south-easterly wind blowing gale force, but later abating and taking on the role of a pleasant breeze. The Slalom had to be rescheduled due to the strong winds. The FreeStyle was first and it was clear from the outset that Clayton had decided that he was going to win this event. In fact the previous evening he had mentioned that his trip from J-Bay to Betty's was all about winning the FreeStyle event - and he did - convincingly. Not only did Clayton convince the judges, but all and sundry were in agreement that a more stylish rider they had not seen. The Big Air event was contested by a host of revved up pilots. Phil and Sean showed great improvement while Enrico and Gino decided to go exotic or bust - switching was their game plan. Marco delivered the first landed switch while Tynan on his second jump executed a double grab method. Brad just back from snowboarding landed the longest jumps where Dave, Danor, Chrisand Peter Lambert were not far behind on length, and pulling landed tricks. However the battle for Big Air supremacy was fought out by Clayton(1) and Rhyan(2) who were both going big and pulling off stylish moves. The fast Sidewinder boards also excelled at the Slalom with Chris and Danor heading off Brad in this event. Eight of the nine top placings went to Sidewinder boards. The results were as follows :

FreeStyle (1)Clayton (2)Danor (3)Dave

Big Air (1)Clayton (2)Rhyan (3)Dave

Biggest Air of the Day - Brad

Slalom (1)Chris (2)Danor (3)Brad

Junior Drag (1)Jason (2)Arnold (3)Sylka

Sylka won the Ladies race, and Stuart won the Open race

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Thanks to : Christine, Tegan, Myron, Stuart, Jacques, Judy, Manfred, Craig, Desmond, Gavin, and Naomi