The comp pre-party started in Betty's Bay on Friday evening with Dave,Chris and Danor having logos and racing stripes shaved on their scalps. This party carried until after 05h00 the next morning, which certainly made the after-after party seem tame at a 03h00 closing on Sunday morning. The weather was almost perfect with a slight breeze cooling spectators and riders alike. The Slalom event was held first - on a medium slope with not too much hiking to the start line. The party people appreciated the easy walk. The Drag Race, which was next on the programme, also involved minimal effort to arrive at the starting line. However Danor/Claytons Big Air ramp was located on a steep section of dune which meant riders travelled a fair distance before carving out their speed - the long walk back was steep and took its toll on the party people. Everyone agreed that this was an awesome comp with plenty of party action. Sidewinder boards won all the events, and took six of the top nine places - something we have come to expect at these events. Three newcomers to the competition arena were Leon, Rudi and Awie who all rode Grit boards and showed their mettle by competing against the best. The guys from Kommetjie put in a quality performance with switches and combo tricks which earned them second and third places in Big Air. Clayton fresh from snowboarding in Slovakia threw some impressive tricks including a front flip and a huge 360 that eluded some photographers due to the unexpected hight of the jump. The results are as follows :

Slalom (1)Dave (2)Clayton (3)Tynan (4)Chris

Big Air (1)Clayton (2)Stephan (3)Devereux (4)Tynan/Dave/Danor/Sean

Drag Race (1)Chris (2)Stephan (3)Danor (4)Dave

Thanks to the sponsors [Fix-a-PC, Surfwear House, Qtrax] and judges Gino, Stuart, Livio, Martin, Leon and Leonard. Thank you also to the photographers Tegan, Myron and Stuart.

The photo's in the left margin are of Dave and Josh drinking (they are both really good at this), Stephan doing amazing stuff, Dev switched on, Clayton 360, Tynan doing full method, Danor about to land, Sean with one of a variation of frontside grabs, Chris doing a backside grab. The bottom centre page pic is of some of the riders taking a breather between events

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