It was a great competition. All the riders put all their energy and effort into it. Competition was stiff and the supporters were there cheering. Each event had its champion, but it would not have bee n easy to bet on who it was going to be, even if you were a Party Bets ( pro. Each and every rider out there really gave it their best. The comp started early to avoid a beating from the sun later in the day. The wind was less than a slight breeze and with the sun shinnig down on the dune only a ski lift could have improved the outdoor experience. The Slalom event was first with Vernon and Chris flying down the dune. Not a single flag had to be replanted due to the high degree of slalom skills on display. Chris took this event by a narrow margin from Vernon. Sean was the most improved rider of the comp, securing a first place in one of the "skill" events. The next event was the Big Air, which had a huge ramp built by Clayton, Tynan, Sean and Peter. The steep slope ensured plenty of hang time and distance, however the slightly moist sand negated all this good stuff by making the landing a critical issue. The first few jumps had riders concentrating so much on landing that tricks were forgotten. Clayton was followed by Liam and Dave in a tightly contested event. Clayton pulled best trick of the day while Tynan, the youngest competitor, did the biggest jump of the day, which is most probably a result of his parkour / free running mid week diversion. The last event was the FreeStyle which had Clayton and Sean in joint first place with robust performances by Vernon and Dave bringing up the next two places. Sidewinder once again dominated the top placings by taking a first in each event and plenty of the second and third places. The results are as follows :

Slalom (1)Chris (2)Vernon (3)Clayton (4)Tynan (5)Enrico (6)Sean

SlopeStyle (1)Sean/Clayton (3)Vernon (4)Dave (5)Tynan (6)Enrico/Liam

Big Air (1)Clayton (2)Liam (3)Dave (4)Vernon/Sean (5)Tynan (6)Enrico

Thanks to the sponsors [Sidewinder, Fix-a-PC, Qtrax] and the Derek, Wells, Stuart, Charl, Barend, Myron and the other judges. Thank you also to the photographers Tegan and Stuart. Another big thank you to Clayton, Tynan and Sean for building the Big Air ramp, and to Enrico for the SlopeStyle course.

The photo's in the left margin are of Vernon, Brad, Sean, Tynan, Liam, Chris (Slalom) Clayton and Dave pulling tricks in Big Air, followed by Tynan doing a switch. The bottom centre page pic is of Enrico the FreeStyle course director.