Saturday 19th April 2003 saw the largest gathering of sandboarders competing under the banner of Sandboard SA to date. Thirty five competitors raced down the dunes in an attempt to garner league points and elicit prizes. For those who managed to win prizes the day was certainly a worthwhile excursion to the pristine dunes at Betty's Bay, for others the greatest benefit was the thrill of testing board and man against the yardstick set by one's peers. The only blot on the day was the injury that removed our club member and friend Livio from the dreaded dastardly mangle of men also commonly referred to as the BorderCross event [please excuse the camel notation]. This accident also consumed the talents of Livio's brother Enrico and flying ace Rhyan - who carried the stretchered fallen master of the carve to the doctors awaiting perambulator (ps I could have written this editorial in hardcore style - but my mom now has internet access). The results are as follows :

Slalom (1)Marco (2)Dave (3)Gino (4)Clayton (5)Tynan (6)James (7)Steven (8)Luke

Bordercross (1) Marco (2) Lee (3) Chris (*) Livio, Enrico, Dave, David, Tynan, Gino, Steven, Brad and James

Big Air (1)Darryl (2)Kyle (3)Lee (4)Clayton (5)Dennis (6)Tynan (7)Gino (8)James

The only non-league events were the Open Drag Race and the Ladies Drag Race which were won by David Olivier and Foxy Biko respectively. The second places went to Manfred Braune and Tessa Bredenkamp.

The photo's in the left margin are of Marco and Livio competing in the Slalom, Tynan carving tight in the Slalom, Gino and Darryl half way down the Slalom course, Lee, Clayton and Darryl showing good form in the Big Air.The second last photo is of most of the top placed competitors. Kyle doing Big air is the bottom left photo while the last photo is a scene of the south ridge. Background is Tynan's third landed Big Air - note full double grab